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February 10, 2006

Another Tomb Found in the Valley of the Kings!

Interesting! The first discovery of an Ancient Egyptian tomb since Tutankhamen's was discovered in 1922! I'll be paying close attention to this one to see what they unearth. Edwin Brock (co-director of the University of Memphis, which is who discovered this site) is attempting to damp enthusiasm or expectation (or just being honest) by insuring the press knows that they don't think it's a royal tomb, but still.

Given how often they find these, plus the simple fact that we really have no idea what we'll find in these tombs, I still find it very exciting. And somewhat of a relief. I think I'll be a bit sad once we find the very last of those tombs. Because as long as we haven't found them all, there is a hope, a wonder, a mystery.

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