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March 11, 2006

Done with first pass of Egypt

Done! And I can't say much more than that. Wow. The tough part is over. Now a few bounces back and forth with my editor, and the text is solid. I'm quite psyched about having two days off, now. Maybe I'll even take three. But I should hunt through my notes and such, see if I have the date that the art is due. I"m going to be locked down again, 15 hours a day or so, 7 days a week for however it takes me to finish the art. 'Cause that's how I like to work, I'm not complaining. But that's how it will be, so I should look up once to note how much distance to the shore, and then put my head down and work it. I really, really look forward to doing the art. After writing, it's like shakin' it all out, shakin' your fingers, legs, arms out. Drawing—-after so much intense reading/writing-—is like swimming around the pool, after you've been building a ten foot replica of the Temple of Karnak out of toothpicks. Yeah. Something like that.

Dinnertime. Tomorrow I'll do an edit. Tighten it up. Monday, I'll give it to Gail.

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