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March 7, 2006

One More Week? [writing Egypt]

I thought I should drop in here and let you know I am not dead. No, not dead at all. Just working like a madman. I am hoping that this extension I asked my editor for was the last one I'll need. I think it is. It will still be tight, but it is, at least, possible to finish within a week's time. I have most of the book done by now. Reaching the home stretch. But then, I must go through again and do a second pass before I give it to my editor.

Lately, I've been thinking more and more about the first novel in the (fiction) Horris series, Horris, Little Eli, and the Secret Vision. The trek through writing those 300 pages was certainly a deep and involved one. I'm beginning to feel my mind want to move in the direction of beginning the second draft. I have a lot of ideas for making it tighter, making it work better. Ideas begin working on you. They have their own schedule, and definition of "attention."

Major flaws have been identified, and I feel I know just what to do in numerous instances to improve each and every one. I look forward to beginning that. But don't get me wrong. I have a lot of art to do for Horris' SCARY History of Egypt first. And then I'd like to not do any book stuff for a day or three. I hope, at that point, I will have my manuscript back from my editor so I can lunge into the second official pass of the novel.

Now, to update another blog or two, and then to get back on the book. It's still pretty early.

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